I bought “stuff” yesterday.

I love “stuff”. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this “stuff”, but I couldn’t pass it up.

I brought my mother to a doctor’s appointment, and had a few hours to kill while I waited for her. Luckily there was a Barnes & Noble bookstore there…. a TJ Maxx, AND a Michael’s Crafts all in the same plaza thingy…. I was in trouble. You see, where I live, it’s at least an hour’s drive to get to a good bookstore or a craft store, so this was a treat. I got stuff I have no idea what I’m going to do with. Michael’s blew me away! I don’t do much with paper crafts anymore, but OMG! they have everything you could ever want, plus a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I couldn’t live without…. and I couldn’t. So now I own it, and have no immediate plans for it… but it’s mine. 🙂


I have a lot that I’m working on right now….

I’m trying some new stuff for the Saul Bell Design Award competition by Rio Grande… I’ve never entered before, and my head is filled with ideas that are discarded as quickly as they take shape…. it’s like sorting through old clothes, but the clothes are techniques…. Do I wear this anymore? If I combine it with a new piece can I make it look new and exciting, or should I just junk it and start fresh? Can I do something to it to change it up? Or just donate it to Salvation army  and experiment with something completely new? Lol….

I certainly don’t need to be distracted by new materials that aren’t even glass! I bought paper flowers fer God’s sake! And rivets! And green free-form rock shaped things that look like they’re covered with moss…. WTF??? (but I just HAD to have them…they’re too cool….) I justified that purchase with the possibility of using them in photos of my work, or perhaps as a display element when I do shows (That’s always a useful excuse!)


See what I mean?

And on top of everything, I’m trying to re-organize my studio so I can start having classes in there next year. That entails getting rid of anything not glass and jewelry related, ie: scrap-booking papers, fabric, paints, and silly PAPER FLOWERS…. I’m not helping my cause in the slightest!

And the worst part….. I just got an order from American Science and Surplus (The anti-Christ of “stuff I don’t need but must have”) delivered by my fabulous Mail-woman…what was in it? Shrinky-dink material, corks (well..THOSE I use….Deanna-your vessel is coming. I promise) and little 14 mm. glass lenses…..why? ‘Cause they’re cool….that’s why.



7 comments on “Stuff….

  1. OMG! Sorry Jen, I had to laugh through the entire thing. Probably because I recognize so much of myself in everything you wrote. Well…except trying to enter Saul Bell ;o)

  2. Jami says:

    Better you than me woman! lol
    I am trying to limit myself to glass and silver work. I torture myself over wanting to have it all and then wondering why I never get anything done cause I can’t decide what to do first. Focus is hard for me! After all, I just sat down for five minutes an hour ago! lol
    Love the fuzzy greenies!
    Sew a collage on one of stuff: beads, fiber, photos, broken jewelry, paper flowers…. lol

  3. Lynn says:

    Finding Nemo is in the top 5 movies I love. Great picture. I hear you on having to have something just because. I am also trying to redo my studio and getting nowhere doing it! Miss you my friend and will call you soon regarding Glass Stock!

  4. Rebecca says:

    lololol…. See myself here too… love it!! Also, didn’t we change “Mine!” to something that begins with a “C”?? LOLOLolol….

  5. Angela says:

    Hihi, there is also a lot of “stuff” in Switzerland – didn’t it find you? 😉 And – before you donate techniques to Salvation army…. Think about me *lol* I think, most women have kind of a “stuff”-gene, maybe number 28? (27 is where Japanese beadmakers have sit their pattern skills – not so common in other parts of the world…)

    a warm hello halfway over the world 😉

  6. jennifergeldard says:

    Hi Angela! Yup! I’ve got Swiss stuff too 🙂 You can’t visit somewhere new and not get new stuff! 🙂

  7. […] there was the little stash of stuff I just got from Michael’s. You know about Stuff, […]

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