My recent obsessions….

So I got tagged recently by Vicki Hallmark aka , and the subject is basically “What are you obsessed/inspired/consumed by right now?”… so here ya go…

My garden

Birds, birds and more birds… and Birds in Pants. 🙂

Bits n’ pieces and trying to make something from them all

Photography (we just ordered the Nikon D90…Woot!!! …hubby thinks it’s his camera….hahahahahahahah!! )

My apple itouch

The color red (Who knew?)

Aerosmith. I’m taking Max on tuesday… his first concert ever!! So of course, my studio music is a bit hyperfocused right now.

Fresh fruits and veggies.. It’s summer!!!!

Bracelets! I’m loving making bracelets suddenly.

Avoiding responsibility…It’s summer!!!

This post is a work in progress today while I unpack from Bead Camp, and do some cleaning…Yuck… and other various puttering tasks, so bear with me! Pics to follow I hope!

One comment on “My recent obsessions….

  1. Ha! You remind me of things I’m obsessed with that I left off the list. Have I got an accessory for you and that D90 — been meaning to post about it.

    Birds in Pants? Where?

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